What We Do

Here’s a comprehensive breakdown of what we do at Wowmax Media.

Wow Appli

This is our key service. Wow Appli is a service designed to help Japanese smartphone app developers market their apps in the United States. We utilize our resources in both the United States and Japan to work with clients through three phases: production, distribution, and promotion to maximize the marketability of their app in the U.S. market.

Market Research

Masaki Kaifu, our company’s CEO, is acclaimed in Japan for his expertise in market research and his analyization of Japanese entertainment. This includes anime, manga, games, music, TV shows, and films. With a huge library of data, including case studies, on Japanese entertainment in the U.S., he has created several articles for government publications. He also uses this data to create customized market research reports for our clients. We also perform surveys and group interviews to know the current trends and preferences of digital media users.

Translation & Localization

We offer translation services for a variety of publications, including manga, novels, and manuals. This includes translation from Japanese to other languages and vice versa. We create both dubbed and subtitled versions of Japanese animated media, television shows, corporate introduction videos, and other similar media in English and a multitude of other languages.

Event Planning & Management

We offer event planning and management services. From planning to on-site operation, we support clients with booth exhibitions, presentations, and panel discussions at conventions across the U.S. We produce and operate unique events to create new business opportunities. For example, we produced the pitch event “Anime Speed Pitch” with UNIJAPAN: Japan’s public interest incorporated association specializing in film and animation. We invited U.S. producers from major networks and studios, such as Cartoon Network and Warner Bros. Animation, to the pitching table with anime creators.

Production (Television/Animation/Promotional Videos)

We offer television, promotional videos, and animation production services. We create, develop, and produce television shows and animated programs via collaboration with Japanese and American studios. A notable recent example is the superhero cartoon “Heroman” that we co-produced with Stan Lee, the American comic book legend, and distributed world-wide.


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