Why Habits Are the Key to Workplace Sanity

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m borderline neurotic. I’m fueled by stress, coffee, and Chex Mix. So for me, scheduling stops me from going completely cuckoo cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

With this, we shall build an empire!

With this, we shall build an empire!

You see, decision making is one of the most stressful activities out there. It’s why being thrifty at the supermarket can drive even the most patient parent to fantasize about punting little Timmy into the produce section.  Habits, scheduled activities, help us avoid the stress caused by decision making. When should I handle my company’s social media? 12PM to 1PM. When should I write my weekly post for the company blog? Friday at 4PM. If there is anything at work that you do repeatedly, schedule it out and stick to that schedule. You’ll find yourself breathing easier.


Leave it to Teachers

Leave it to Teachers

I love the green text. “Get Infused” indeed.

My boss, Kaifu-san, brought this in today. It’s a combined gift from all the college professors we’ve worked with. No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, that’s edamame trail mix. Specifically: edamame, pumpkin kernel, cranberry, and almond ‘energy blend’.

Final verdict, it’s odd, but not bad. I’m just not used to eating edamame and pumpkin kernels at the same time. I will say though, I buy the ‘energy blend’ part. After ten minutes I felt a little perkier than I had before. Though the coffee I’m currently chugging might be part of that.

I’ll have to perform a controlled experiment later to test the veracity of this product’s claims. Anyway, thank you to all the teachers who chipped in on this interesting, amusing gift.