Who We Are

Who We Are

Wowmax Media Headquarters

We are a Los Angeles-based marketing and production company founded in 2006 whose specialty is bridging the gap between smartphone developers both big and not-so-big in the United States and Japan. We do this by knowing both sides of the equation: the markets, the companies, the cultures, and by fostering communication through our Los Angeles headquarters and Tokyo branch. We also do this with coffee, lots and lots of coffee.


Who I Am

2012-12-19_12-54-02_342I’m Patrick Walker, head of Business Development. I’m a twenty-one year old California native with far more responsibility than I’d ever imagine having at my age. I’m the baritone of my company’s quartet. I fill the gaps. However, I specialize and contribute in social media, outreach communication, brand conceptualization, and market strategy and research. I’m going to share what I know, what I learn, and what is going on behind the scenes at Wowmax Media.


2 thoughts on “Who We Are

  1. Hi Patrick, I am Gaurav Form Bangalore india, really impressed after checkout your things in this early age. usually in early age people did not follow “Do So is more important then Say So” but you did so 🙂 we make certain ideas but would not be stick on that, but keeping this in mind that exploring new idea will always give new thinkings and always we can upgarde the thinkings, but will be more happy i can do anything for you anytime, i always believe in its obvious High Tech but for me Its High touch. have a nice time, you can personally mail me on : Gauravheights123@gmail.com

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