Leave it to Teachers

Leave it to Teachers

I love the green text. “Get Infused” indeed.

My boss, Kaifu-san, brought this in today. It’s a combined gift from all the college professors we’ve worked with. No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you, that’s edamame trail mix. Specifically: edamame, pumpkin kernel, cranberry, and almond ‘energy blend’.

Final verdict, it’s odd, but not bad. I’m just not used to eating edamame and pumpkin kernels at the same time. I will say though, I buy the ‘energy blend’ part. After ten minutes I felt a little perkier than I had before. Though the coffee I’m currently chugging might be part of that.

I’ll have to perform a controlled experiment later to test the veracity of this product’s claims. Anyway, thank you to all the teachers who chipped in on this interesting, amusing gift.


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